Meditation And It's Benefits

Many people have heard of meditation, but most may not be aware of the real benefits of what it can do. Many think of meditation as simply closing your eyes and doing some chanting. Many also think that meditation is closely related to religion. The most commonly known benefit of meditation is stress reduction. While this may be true, there are also many other benefits that most are not aware of. This article summarizes some other benefits that meditation can bring:

Relief Stress and Anxiety

The most known benefit of meditation of course, is that it is used to relieve stress and anxiety, and this is the reason why most people meditate in the first place.

Reduction of Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that regular meditation can lower your blood pressure. The reason for this is because the practice of meditation opens up the blood vessels, thus lowering the blood pressure.

Reduction of Cholesterol Level

Meditation can also reduce blood cholesterol levels, minimizing chances of heart disease. Meditation could be the answer to a healthy heart!

Reduction of Respiratory Problems

Have breathing problems? Try meditating! As part of meditation, you control and focus on your breathing. You may not realize, but your controlled breathing reduces airway resistance and increases air flow into the lungs. This makes for easier breathing and is beneficial for patients with asthmatic problems.

Reduce Heart Rate and Metabolic Rate

Meditation lowers your heart rate, and also lowers the metabolic rate, bringing you into a state of calmness.

Coping with Depression

Meditation can bring you into a more positive state of mind, making you feel happy and rejuvenated. Because of this, meditation is often used as an effective tool to cope with depression.

An Increased Emotional Stability

Meditation brings about emotional stability, enabling us to better control our emotions and feelings.

An Increase in Productivity

Meditation also helps to increase memory and alertness, giving us more clarity of thought to make better judgments and decisions. It makes us more alert and awake at work, thus increasing productivity in what we do.

Enjoy meditating!

By: Edwin Mah

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Inner Guidance Meditation

There are many ways to meditate. Some of the most popular ways of meditation include chanting a mantra while sitting and eyes closed. The mantra should be a word that has no meaning to you so that you do not get distracted by the meaning. For example if you chant "car' or "Toyota', you probably be thinking about what your next car going to be, although this might help you to manifest a new car quickly in the near future. If you have watch Ronda bryne's 'The Secret", you will know what I mean.

Another popular way of meditation is to focus on one object in your mind's eye, for example you can visualize a candle in front of your mind's eye. Keep your focus on the candle and gently let go of any intrusive thoughts like have I paid my parking fines.

Also another way of meditation is to visualize a clock on the wall in your mind's eye, and watch it tick second by second or minute by minute. This can help you focus your mind.

If you are looking for any insight into a problem or an issue, Mentally say to your self that you wish to know this or that. And continue doing the meditation. Sometimes after awhile, your subconscious mind you show you something. It will show you in the form of a image or feeling. When you are relaxed, you should be able to know that an insight is given.

I sometimes like to use a pendulum when doing meditation. A pendulum can be a ring with a string tied to it, or you can buy one from new age stores.

Before I start, I will test the response. You should already have calibrated it. You should already know the position for YES and position for NO. Most common position for YES is swing in front of you and side to side is NO.

Sit in a comfortable chair and hold the pendulum in one hand. It is preferable to have a chair that can support the elbow holding the pendulum.

There are too many things to ask your inner guidance, but after 5 minutes querying you inner guidance, you would naturally fall into a meditative state, you brain wave would have slowed down and you now feel relaxed.

I once ask my inner guidance if a certain area on my physical body has a past life problem, In the meditative stage, it show me a warrior who was impale from behind. It may be possible to query your inner guidance as to how to heal the problem. But you need to ask the right question.

By: Jack chua

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Jack chua is a meditation student and has interest in hypnosis
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Free Meditation

Meditation – How To Learn Meditation?

Meditation is an art that focuses on total concentration. It is a unique union of body and mind one experiences while in the state of meditation. Most people meditate regularly.

Different set of people meditate for different purposes. Some aim to find solace and relief from the problems they face in their daily life, some desire improvement in health, desire want to enhance memory and other would like to transform their personality or want to get acquainted to their true self.

This is amazing yet true because there are several benefits of meditating.

However, most people who are keen on learning meditation cannot actually learn this unique art because they are unaware of how to do it correctly or how to actually start if off and continue it for the coming future. They are just not able to focus on their main aim to meditating.

If you are keen on learning meditation and don’t know how to go about it, here is an elaborated information on how to learn meditation.

There are several courses on meditation available these days. You can easily learn all meditation techniques via enrolling into one of these meditation courses.

Another method to learn meditation is the self help method. Try to visit a local library or a website and study old materials available on this subject. This will arouse your interest in meditation. You will start believing in the benefits produced by meditation. This further let you meditate more seriously and passionately.

Another method is to trust a meditation starter pack available on the market, these days. You can also purchase a CD that will guide you through the process of learning meditation.

You can easily purchase these CDs from an online retailer. These are not very expensive.

Try to find a personal trainer who would train you on how to meditate. Make sure that the trainer you appoint for yourself is experience and has been practicing for a long time. Try to talk to him personally and discuss what meditation is, how it works and what benefits you can enjoy while practicing it. His answers of these topics will definitely give you an idea on how to meditation and whether the trainer is skilled enough to train you on meditation.

While learning meditation, you need to focus on there important aspects. Here are some of the aspects you need to be concerned about while meditating:


This is an important part of a meditation session. This helps you to learn how to relax. You would also learn how to keep your spine straight. This in turn, improves blood circulation in your body and also improves nerves and its’ functioning. You are an alert person now.


It is an important element when learning meditation. When meditating, a person learns to take slow even breaths that come through diaphragm.


Correct and positive attitude is very important when learning how to meditation.

Meditation is a great technique to make you lead a comfortable life. Learn meditation to make your life more beautiful, stress free, healthy and problem free.

By: Bertil Hjert

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